We are Heathens but do not hate


We are currently a pop-up shop,

appearing at festivals & events all around

the Denton, Dallas & FTW areas!

Mattye Thompson, LMT

I am a seer, healer, and artist, so I take a holistic approach to my practice and to my life.  

I am ready to help you to find your optimum health naturally & holistically through therapeutic massage therapy using only organic oils of jojoba & rose essences, enhanced by the infusion of lapis lazuli.  I  also offer reiki, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, shamanic drumming/journeying, henna art and holistic coaching. You can see some of my artistic creations on our Gallery page.

Jason Thompson

I am a scholar, sword fighter, and bind rune artist...among a few other talents.  You can see some of my bind runes in our Gallery pics. 

I am here to teach, guide, create, and hone the intricacies of our Heathen path as well as yours.  My wife and I follow the Norse ways, and as stated above, we are Heathen but do not hate.  We do not discriminate.  We welcome all who feel at home with the Old Ways.  Whether you are Pagan, Wiccan, Teutonic, etc - regardless of your heritage - we welcome you!


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